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A winter warmer

“We’d never made soup before in our lives,” said Gary Caulfield, co-owner of Milford soup shack Bobette’s. When Gary and long-time partner, Bobette Moore, acquired the hut on Boston Post Road in the late eighties, they let their imaginations run … Continue reading

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That old chestnut

When I walk into Chestnut Fine Foods one weekday to ask if I can have a mosey around with my camera, co-owner Patty Walker suggests to me, “You must come inside the kitchen and see my mother, Eleanor. She 89 … Continue reading

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The ‘real New England’

On a lazy Saturday afternoon, sun sinking low over the hazy sound, we let the warmth of the day slowly niggle at us until one of us declared, “let’s go jump in the water”. From New Haven, many people either … Continue reading


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Sandwich sampler

The sandwich. It’s name is universally comprehensible and almost every culture has some incarnation of the meal-wrapped-in-bread. I thought this week, rather than focusing on another ma-and-pa food story, I would do a little recap of some of the tasty … Continue reading


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A Thousand Tastes of Old Europe

Walking into La Vieille Europe is like stepping into a United Nations of gastronomy. Browsing through the 6000-plus products for sale, one will discover Polish jarred herrings, fresh German sausage seasoned with honey and garlic, Dutch stroopwafels and cheeses from … Continue reading


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