Welcome to the sauce of life. This blog is about my source of life, pleasure, excitement, exploration and education: food.

In my wanderings as a writer, photographer and explorer, my travels have always involved hunting out a city’s foody secrets. The ‘ma and pa’ stores whose family recipes have stood the test of time. The little enterprises humbly creating the city’s finest delights. The modest kitchens in which magic is being made. This blog is not about hailing a city’s biggest culinary attractions but rather to shed light – and tastebuds – on some of the lesser-known establishments I have stumbled upon.

As an Australian currently roaming North America, I am small-part local but large-part tourist, always searching for the next delicious morsel to share with you.  On any given day, I lend myself to an other-than-meat-based diet, however from time to time I will blog about meaty treats that need a voice.

So, pass the sauce!

- T

I always welcome suggestions on food secrets, (constructive) feedback and correspondence from like-minded, food-focused individuals. Drop me a line!