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A two-wheeled tour of New York

A quick report from New York City…I spent the weekend touring several of New York’s boroughs by bike, which I discovered to be far more scenic and sanitary (albeit are more exhausting) than the subway. Gastronomically speaking, New York’s best … Continue reading

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The local lobster shack

Feeding time at Lenny and Joe’s Fish Tale mirrors a frenzied menagerie. Hoards of people mill at the counters, animatedly gesturing to the menu boards as they inch closer to be served. Over the din, a server squawks, “number 18, … Continue reading

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That old chestnut

When I walk into Chestnut Fine Foods one weekday to ask if I can have a mosey around with my camera, co-owner Patty Walker suggests to me, “You must come inside the kitchen and see my mother, Eleanor. She 89 … Continue reading

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The ‘real New England’

On a lazy Saturday afternoon, sun sinking low over the hazy sound, we let the warmth of the day slowly niggle at us until one of us declared, “let’s go jump in the water”. From New Haven, many people either … Continue reading


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‘Throw it all in the pan’ yellow zucchini salad

After the ‘hurricane’ hit over the weekend and I endured a tortuous battle in the supermarket lines – elbowing past anxious faces with trolleys prepared for the apocalypse – I resolved to avoid anymore grocery shopping stress for a couple … Continue reading

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