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Not just the corner store

Pinned on the wall of Dépanneur Prince Arthur is a worn old black and white of two small children and a man, clad in 80’s getup, standing outside the red brick corner store with nothing but a modest sign leant … Continue reading

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Sandwich sampler

The sandwich. It’s name is universally comprehensible and almost every culture has some incarnation of the meal-wrapped-in-bread. I thought this week, rather than focusing on another ma-and-pa food story, I would do a little recap of some of the tasty … Continue reading


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The City of Festivals

Salut! Not entirely food related, but I thought I would update you quickly on this weekend’s festivals. This city isn’t called the ‘City of Festivals’ for nothing. Every week a new event brings road closures and fanfare to Montreal. Last … Continue reading

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A few hours in Greece

You would think a warehouse tucked into the back of an industrial area in Ahuntsic would be a questionable place to find an upstanding fish market, but Coralli boss, John Stadis, instantly sets any doubts at ease. “We’re very particular … Continue reading


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